The variety of apple Aport deemed vivid myth - and the fruits can be very large and heavy. Read more about the fruit from the North Caucasus, which there are in this country hardly buy.


The Aport is originally from the North Caucasus, the species has existed since 1865. It was discovered in the city Alma-Ata, whose name is quite aptly: In German Alma-Ata translates as "Father of Apples". In the Soviet Union, the fruit of the city gave not only her name but also much glory. The Aport apples were exceptionally large, supposedly brought them up to 1.2 kilograms. Since 1993 is the city of Almaty, and also their former culinary landmark has become rare.

Aport giant apple from the Caucasus

Apples, variety Aport can be up to 1.2 kilograms - these specimens are as still as small. (Source: Thinkstock by Getty Images)

Appearance and taste

The Aport has a reddish-green skin. Its flesh is juicy, firm and pleasant crisp. The flavor of the fruit is very fine and has a distinctly sweet-sour note.


The Aport is still primarily grown in the North Caucasus. Uncommon but are also found in this country in stores small plants for their own gardens. The tree can be year-round get into the ground, with several copies a planting distance of about two to three meters is important here. As the site is recommended a sunny or semi-shaded place. The tree grows up to three meters high, the fruits can be harvested from August to October. After the early harvest in August, the fruit should again be stored for several weeks: Only in September the Aport reached maturity for consumption.